Business Strategy

What should be your business' or charity's strategy? Covid-19 has forced many organisations to rethink their short-term and longer-term strategy - from revenue or funding sources, to operating models, customer engagement and beyond.

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Government Business Finance and Support

This page guides you through all the support schemes set up by the UK government to support businesses through the current crisis.

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Business strategy

Lead Your Business through the Coronavirus Crisis (Harvard Business Review)

Three business leaders from Boston Consulting Group offer advice distilled from clients around the world.

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Human resources/operations

Optimise Your Remote Team

30m webinar by Google to help you set up your team for success with advice, tools and resources.

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Virtual whiteboard software.


Virtual whiteboard for collaborating;


Collaboration platform to let you organise anything.


File hosting service


Bring all your communication together in one place

Google Drive

A safe place for all your files


Simple project management tool.

Skype for Business

Video Conferencing and Team Chat

Google Hangouts

Free Online Video Conferencing by Google


Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing


The Digital Economy: Effective Supply Chain Management

12hr free course on supply chain management in the digital age. The course is designed equip you with a critical appreciation of the way supply chains work, and how to make them work better, with a focus on the advancing digital technologies that underpin supply chains.

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Customer Service

How to Implement Live Chat Support

Intercom's detailed article explains the benefits of Live Chat, and how to implement it properly.

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Best Practices on Supporting Customers during a Crisis

This article by Intercom (a leading customer service software provider) provides useful best practices on engaging with customers during a crisis.

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Popular customer service platform.


The leading cloud-based customer service software solution.