How to Set Up Custom Meeting Link

Your company might require you to use a specific conferencing tool for your one-to-one mentoring call. Please see the instructions below for how to set up a custom meeting URL for the person and their organisation you are helping.

To set up a meeting on Microsoft Teams:

1. In Microsoft Teams, go to Calendar Tab

2. Create a new meeting, set up the name of the meeting so that you recognise the purpose of the meeting, and set up the time you selected. Remember to check if it is in the correct timezone.

3. In the required attendees, add your own email to the list, a meeting link will be generated only if you added at least one attendee onto the meeting. Click on Send button after setting the meeting details.

4. After creating the event, click on the meeting on the calendar and click on edit. In the details section, right click on "Click here to join the meeting" and copy the link, then paste it into the textbox you see in the confirmation page and you are done!