FAQs - About Digital Boost

What is Digital BoostWhat Support can small businesses and charities getWhat is the cost?What impact does Digital Boost have?What makes Digital Boost different from other mentoring and learning services?How does Digital Boost ensure the interactions are of high quality?What makes Digital Boost different from other mentoring and learning services?
What is Digital Boost

Digital Boost is a free online platform that supports people who work at small businesses and charities to get the essential skills and advice they need to adopt new digital ways of working and grow their businesses. We are owned by the educational charity Founders4Schools.

What support can small businesses & charities get?

+ Free 1:1 online conversations with a wide range of volunteer expert mentors:

      - Fast answers to their unique business questions
      - Personalised guidance & advice
      - Objective feedback & ideas

+ Hands-on workshops covering topics such as SEO, Facebook Ads, cloud computing, payment systems, and much more

+ Personalised recommendations for short courses

+ A resource library to access at their own pace

What is the cost?

All Digital Boost services are FREE for people who work at small businesses and charities. This is thanks to the generosity of expert volunteers from leading organisations such as Google, BT, Vodafone, Visa, Bloomberg, and more. We currently have thousands of volunteers.

What impact does Digital Boost have?

We help small businesses improve productivity, grow revenues, survive and thrive. Read stories of real businesses who have benefited from the service here.

What makes Digital Boost different from other mentoring and learning services?

Personalised - every conversation is focused on the individual business’s unique needs.

‘On demand’ - small businesses need help and answers fast. Digital Boost allows them to request a conversation when it’s convenient for them. We aim to fill most requests within 72 hours.

Specialised - many programmes offer access to a single mentor over a long period of time. That mentor is a generalist who can offer valuable advice on a wide range of business topics. Digital Boost gives small businesses and charities access to true specialists in the topics they need help with the most, whether that’s website development, cybersecurity, or strategy. They can access as many different mentors as they want to get the help they need, or meet with the same mentor more than once.

Scalable - Digital Boost is delivered through an online platform, which means that we can deliver personalised services to many businesses efficiently. All mentor matching, scheduling of calls, etc. is done through the platform, saving everyone time and money.

Open to all - many mentoring programmes are only open to founders or startups. And in many cases, companies need to apply to be accepted. Digital Boost is open to anyone who works at a small business or charity with less than 250 employees. There is no application process - simply register in a few clicks and start getting support!

How does Digital Boost ensure the interactions are of high quality?

After every interaction, both the business and the volunteer are asked to rate whether they would recommend it to others (scale of 1-10) and give feedback. We continually adjust our recommendations based on this feedback. If individuals regularly receive low feedback, they are no longer recommended.

On what topics can Digital Boost support?

We have experts in 55 different topics most linked to driving small business revenue growth. These include Branding, Digital Marketing, Customer Service, Infrastructure, Data Analytics, Security and Data Protection, Payments and Money Management.