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Getting started as a learner on Digital Boost

What does Digital Boost offer for me?

If you work at a small business or charity and need help with digital skills, you can benefit from free 1:1 online conversations with expert volunteers. The volunteer can provide you with personalised practical help and advice, as well as tips and recommendations for resources. 1-to-1 sessions are 60 minutes long, free and unlimited, as long as you continue to adhere to our community code of conduct guidelines. You will also benefit from personalised recommendations for workshops, resources and short courses linked to the topics you want to learn about.

Is it really free?

Digital Boost is owned by a charity. It is 100% free for our small business and charity users. The cost of  providing our services is covered by partnering with corporates and governments.

Who are the mentors?

All of our mentors are volunteers. They have deep experience in a wide range of subjects and have chosen to give up their time to help small businesses and charities. They work for large organisations like Google, BT and NatWest Group, but also smaller organisations and as freelancers.

How do get started?

Creating a Digital Boost account is easy. Simply click “Book a session” or “Sign up” on our home page or click here. After selecting your learning topics, simply add your email address, create a safe password and agree to our Terms & Conditions (link to T&C) and Privacy Policy (link to privacy policy) to create an account.

About 1-to-1 mentoring sessions

How do I book a 1-to-1 mentoring session?

Booking a 1-to-1 mentoring session is simple:

1) Simply click here

2) Select the learning subject(s) you need help with. This will reveal potential volunteers that have that experience. Choose preferred mentor(s) whose experience looks interesting to you. We can’t guarantee that a specific person will be available, but we’ll do our best! If they are not available, we’ll find you someone else with similar skills and experience unless you’ve told us not to.

3) Next, fill out your details and availability for the call. Include a short description of the kind of help you need. This will make it easier for volunteers to decide if they have the right experience to help.

4) Double-check your entries and confirm your request! You will receive a confirmation email of your call request. This does not mean that a meeting has been confirmed and scheduled, but rather it just confirms that we have received your call request. At that point we will reach out to our volunteers to see if they are available and can help. If they confirm, we’ll send you an email with all the confirmed session details.

How soon can I speak with someone?

To ensure our volunteers have time to prepare for the sessions, you must request all sessions 48 hours in advance. This means that the earliest you could have a session would be two days from today.

Can I search for a specific volunteer or for people from a particular company?

To respect the privacy of our volunteers, we don’t allow you to search for a specific person. When you select a learning subject, you will see a list of volunteers that match your search criteria. You can scroll the volunteers using “Show More” to see a large selection of volunteers.

Can I meet with the same person again?

Yes. If you’ve had a great call with a volunteer and would like to meet with them again, simply click on their photo on the card on your Dashboard. This will allow you to easily request another session. We cannot guarantee that the volunteer will accept the request.

How do I know my 1-to-1 mentoring request has been confirmed?

If one (or more!) of our mentors accepts your request we will send you a confirmation email with the call details. This information will also be available in your Dashboard. A volunteer may propose a different time. If this works for you, simply accept it and your call will be confirmed. If you can’t make it, that’s ok. Simply make another request in our system.

What happens if the mentor I selected doesn’t accept the request?

Since our mentors are all volunteers and have very busy lives, we unfortunately can’t guarantee that they’ll be available when you want to meet. We’ll try to arrange a session, but if they can’t make it for whatever reason, we’ll do our best to find you someone else with similar skills and experience. We know time is of the essence and we have thousands of volunteers who are ready to help. If you don’t want us to do this, let us know in your Account preferences.

I requested a call with a specific volunteer, but I was matched with someone different. What happened?

Digital Boost will try to match you with your preferred volunteer. However, this is not always possible. If the volunteer you selected is not available, or does not respond within a set period of time, Digital Boost will ask other volunteers who match your criteria. If they are available to accept your request, we will set up a call with them. These are referred to as “substitutes”. If you don’t want us to do this, simply log in to your Account preferences, go to Mentoring Preferences → Matching with Mentors, and change your preference to “No, I do not wish to accept alternatives to those I picked.” We will then only send your requests to the specific individuals you select. We cannot guarantee that they will accept the request.
If we’ve scheduled a session with someone you don’t want to meet with, simply press the cancel button.

I do not want “substitutes”. How can I change my substitution settings?

It’s easy. Simply log in to your Account preferences, go to Mentoring Preferences → Matching with Mentors, and change your preference to “No, I do not which to accept alternatives to those i picked.” We will then only send your requests to the specific individuals you select. We cannot guarantee that they will accept the request.

How do I add a confirmed session to my calendar?

When a session is confirmed, you will receive an email and notice on your Dashboard with all the call details. Please note: this is not automatically added to your calendar. Make sure you press the “Add To Calendar” button in the email or on your Dashboard. This integrates with all major calendars such as Google Calendar, iCal and Outlook, and allows you to add this event to your preferred calendar.

Please be mindful that cancelling the session in your personal calendar does not cancel the event for the other party. You must cancel it by logging in to the platform - we will then let them know that you can’t make it. Please be sure to do this, or else the volunteer will be waiting on the line for you!

I have a confirmed call but now need to reschedule it. What do I do?

Please send a message to other person to let them know you need to cancel. You can do this using the messaging tab on the session card within your Dashboard. We recommend you apologise for needing to cancel and ask if they’re happy to reschedule. If they agree, you can simply click on the photo of the mentor in your Dashboard to request another session, then cancel the original session.

How do I join a 1-to-1 mentoring session?

To join a 1-to-1 mentoring session at the scheduled time, simply press the “Join Call” button in your Dashboard or email.  Please note - you will NOT receive an inbound phone call. You must join the video link.

My mentor did not show up! What shall I do now?

We are truly sorry to hear that the volunteer was not able to join the call. If you’re still on the call, you might want to try sending them a message via your Dashboard to let them know you’re there. If they still don’t know, please let us know by using the feedback form on your Dashboard under the tab ‘Completed'. From there you select 'Leave feedback for the Volunteer, select 0 and check the first checkbox 'The mentor did not show up'. We will then contact them to understand what happened. Please feel free to then make another request with another mentor: Digital Boost Organisation.

Why am I receiving emails with recommendations of mentors?

When you join Digital Boost, you are asked to specify which learning subjects you would like to learn more about, or need help with. We use these preferences to find and recommend suitable volunteers who can help you with this specific subject. Recommendations are sent to you via an email that invites you to request a call with that specific volunteer. If you prefer to no longer receive recommendations for specific skills, or any recommendations, you can opt out of them in your Account Settings.

Boost Workshops

What are Boost Workshops?

Workshops are interactive virtual learning sessions led by expert volunteers for multiple learners. They are designed for people who work for small businesses and charities who want to learn about and use digital to grow their businesses. They are also a great opportunity to bring your whole team along, so you go on the digital journey together. Attendance is limited to keep the sessions interactive, so please make sure to register early!

What do they cover?

There is one topic per Workshop. We arrange Workshops in response to demand for mentoring. When we see there’s a lot of interest in a topic, we’ll set up a Workshop.

How do I know when they are?

You’ll receive personalised invitations via email and in your Dashboard. Simply register for a Workshop when invited and you’ll be ready to go!

How do I join a Workshop?

After you’ve registered, we’ll send you all the details, including the link to join the session. These will be available on your Dashboard. At the time of the session, simply click the link to join the Zoom meetin

Can I ask questions in the session?

Absolutely! Unlike traditional webinars, our sessions are designed to be highly interactive. The volunteer will have information on the types of help learners have asked for, and will tailor the session around that. The sessions are held on Zoom, so simply add a question to the chat or when prompted by the host.

Can I invite others to the Workshops?

Yes, please. In your event details, you’ll find a link that you can share with others. Please note - they must register individually.

Can I access past events?

Yes! You will find recordings of many of past Webinars in the free Resource Library. It is organised by learning topic. Simply choose your learning topic to see which events are available for viewing.

Managing My Account

How do I login to my Digital Boost account as a small business or charity?

Please visit  Digital Boost Organisation  and log in with the email and password you used to signup.

Why is Digital Boost asking me to supply my personal and professional information?

As part of the registration process, Digital Boost requests personal and professional information. This information is required for us to deliver our service:

1. We use this information to match you with suitable potential mentors.
2. Some of this information is displayed in your requests to help potential mentors understand if they have the right experience to help you. The information also helps them better prepare for the sessions.
3. We use aggregate, anonymised information to report to partners and government about the impact of our services.  

Once I create an account profile, what information is publicly available?

Please see Digital Boost’s user agreement and privacy policy for details.

How do I update my profile?

Simply log in to your account through Digital Boost Organisation and choose ‘Account’ in the top right hand corner. You can then update your profile and settings.

Can I change the skills I want help with?

Absolutely. Simply go to your Account and edit the the ‘Your Selected Learning Subjects’ section.  

How can I change my time zone? I am receiving invites for the wrong time.

Digital Boost users can be located anywhere in the world. Therefore they may be in a different time zone than you. The system automatically detects what time zone you are in, and converts it to the other person’s timezone when sending or receiving a mentoring request or confirmation. All times you see will be listed in your own time zone. If something doesn’t look right, please contact us.

Can I opt out of substitute mentors and recommendation emails?

Yes. Simply go to your Account and edit the the “Matching with Mentors” and “Data, Privacy & Communication” preferences sections.

Where can I find your terms and conditions?

Please find Digital Boosts terms and conditions here

Where can I find your privacy policy?

Please find Digital Boost's Privacy Policy here.

How can I unsubscribe from your emails or change my email preferences?

You can change your email preferences using your Account Preferences.

Please follow this link: Digital Boost Organisation Then, scroll down to the “Data, Privacy & Communication” Section where you can change your email preferences.

How can I change my password?

You can reset your password on the Digital Boost login page “Forgot Password” link for small businesses and charities:Digital Boost Organisation

How do I delete my Digital Boost account?

We are sorry to see you leave us. You can delete your account and all related data by logging into your  Account. At the bottom of your preferences, you will find the delete button. All your data will be deleted according to GDPR regulations.

Resource Library

What is the Resource Library?

The Resource Library is an extensive and high quality learning content library featuring content from our partners that is available for free to you. The learning contents range from articles, videos to online courses and more. Learn at your own pace with access to our Resource Library to achieve your learning goals faster. 

To access the Resource Library simply click here: digitalboost.org.uk/resource-library

Is the Resource Library free to use?

The Resource Library is 100% free for our small business and charity users thanks to the generosity of our partners, many of whom would usually would charge for access to these materials or courses.

Why am I receiving emails with recommendations of courses?

To help you continue on your learning journey, Digital Boost has partnerships with online course providers such as Coursera. We’ve worked with them to identify courses  in each of our learning subjects that we think are great for small businesses and charities.
When you join Digital Boost, you are asked to specify which learning subjects you would like to learn more about, or need help with. We use these preferences to recommend suitable courses. Recommendations are sent via an email that invites you to register for the course. If you prefer to no longer receive recommendations for specific skills, or at all, you can opt out of them in your Account Settings.