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What you get from Digital Boost

We provide three Digital Boost services to help equip your organisation with essential skills:

Mentoring Calls

Free 1-on-1 mentoring tailored to your needs

Speak one-on-one with a digital expert, who’ll provide you with practical help and advice in only 60 minutes.

Webinars and Workshops

Hands-on webinars to boost your business

Join one of our interactive masterclasses on SEO, Facebook Ads, payment systems and more.

Resource Library

Free resources to upgrade yourself and your business

Learn at your own pace with access to our comprehensive library of learning content from articles to online courses.

What we can help with

Our digital experts can equip you and your organisation with essential skills for:

Bring your organisation online

Social media
Search engine optimisation
Sales & marketing

Grow your organisation online

E-commerce websites
Branding & logos
User research

...and more

Remote working
Content strategy
‍And more..

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What our learners say

Meet our digital experts

Our experts are leading digital professionals, with experience at top companies in technology, consulting and finance. We have over 100 of them – here are just a few:

Gareth Griffiths

Growth Marketing Director

Gareth specialises in helping business grow, and has over 18 years’ experience in digital marketing, analysis and sales.

Camila Penazzo

Digital Business Leader

Camilla advises businesses of all sizes on all aspects of how to grow online, from marketing to strategy.

Kim Dewe

Search Engine Expert

Kim is an expert in how businesses can be better found by users on search engines.

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