Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find commonly asked questions by partners and volunteers.
What is Digital Boost?
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Digital Boost is a partnership between BCG Digital Ventures and the charity Founders4Schools, offering a platform for small businesses and charities to connect with digital expert volunteers, and access courses and workshops to rapidly improve the digital skills of their staff, so that their organisations are better equipped to survive the challenges brought by COVID-19. Digital Boost works with Governments and Businesses to engage as expert advisors, and thereby help lead the UK to economic recovery.

Is there a fee associated with being a mentor through Digital Boost?
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There is no fee for mentors or boostees to register and use the Digital boost platform. Digital Boost, as a product of the charity Founders4Schools and BCG Digital Ventures, is supported by partners spanning both the public and private sector.

How and when can I apply to be a mentor on Digital Boost?
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Anybody with professional experience in a relevant subject can apply to be a mentor through at any time. Application is as simple as completing a short registration form, where Digital Boost asks a few questions about your experience and skills.

What does the end to end mentorship program through Digital Boost look like?
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Below is a high level overview of the entire program:

1. Application:

Apply to be a mentor by creating an account on Digital Boost through You can choose to fill in your details manually or you can choose to autofill your profile by linking your account with your LinkedIn profile.

a. Enter your email address and desired password. Here you will also confirm that you agree to the Digital Boost User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

b. Upload a profile photo of your choice or link your account to Linkedin, which permits Digital Boost to use the photo you have on linkedin.  Please note that this picture will be made available to mentees who have signed up on the platform who are looking for mentorship in the subject areas you have selected as those you judge yourself capable of mentoring in. If you are not comfortable using your own picture, choose something that represents you.

c.  Make sure to choose the subject areas and specialties you can add the most value for small businesses and charities. After you have completed your registration, you will receive requests from owners or employees of small businesses and charities to schedule 1-to-1 mentorship calls on the topics you select here. You have the option to edit your mentoring subjects anytime by adjusting your preferences on the account that will be set up for you.

2. Mentorship calls

a. The Digital Boost service facilitates introductions to volunteers in two ways:  either boostees use the Digital Boost website to search for mentors who have listed specific digitisation subjects, or they will have responded to a recommendation Digital Boost has made to them. The recommendation service streams new volunteers to beneficiaries who work for small businesses and charities when we have not been able to find them a mentor before due to supply-demand issues. This means if you have an ‘in-demand skill’, you will start to receive requests pretty much immediately. Furthermore, if a mentor who is sent a call request does not respond within 24 hours, our substitution engine will send that request to alternate mentors with the same skill sets.

b. Boostees request a 1-to-1 Mentoring Call by selecting the mentoring subjects they consider the most urgent. Boostees add a description of what they need help with, their previous technical experience and up to 3 time slots when they would be available for a 60 min call. After they submit their call request, you as the selected mentor will receive an email with their call request details and the offered time options. You simply pick one of the 3 times that works for you to confirm your call with the boostee. Both you and the boostee will then receive a confirmation notice on the page with the details of the video call in it. You also have the option to decline all 3 times as well and also to propose an alternative time that suits your schedule better.

c.  Once you select a time slot you are available for, both you and your mentee will receive a confirmation email with the details of the confirmed call, including a “Join The Call” button.  We suggest you make a note of the time in your diary.

d. At the scheduled time, you click on the “Join the call” button in the call confirmation or reminder emails sent by Digital Boost and you will be directed to a video conferencing platform to have your call.

Help out on your terms: You decide how much and how long you would like to be involved with Digital Boost. You can change your availability in your account preference settings any time, but we hope that you are able to take calls as regularly as you can.

Who will I be mentoring?
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The service is for people who work for the 1.5 million businesses in the UK who need mentoring, and they reach out to Digital Boost from all over the country.

Why is Digital Boost asking me to supply my personal and professional information?
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As part of the registration process Digital Boost requests personal and professional information.

  1. This helps boostees understand if you would be a good match for them for the specific subjects they want mentoring on. 
  2. This helps Digital Boost bring you to the attention of boostees if they know that the boostees has recorded they needed mentoring in a specific subject at a time we didn’t have enough mentors registered who had that skill.
  3. This helps Digital Boost report accurately on the types of skills and experience we have been helping boostees with for reporting back to Government bodies.
Once I create an account profile, what information is publicly available?
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The easiest thing to do is look at the Digital Boost Video so you can see what the boostees see. You can also check Digital Boost’s user agreement and privacy policy for details.

How long do I have to wait to get a call invite from a boostee?
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Due to the nature of the service, which gives the beneficiaries the power to choose which mentors they wish to seek mentoring from, it is difficult to predict how long you will wait to receive a mentoring opportunity. If you have one of the skills we have a backlog of mentoring requests for, then you will receive a request very quickly.

Can I nominate an entrepreneur to the platform?
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Yes please! Digital Boost welcomes any person leading or employed by small businesses or charities to use our services if they feel they need to improve their digital skills.

What is in it for me?
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Other than the satisfaction of using your skills to help a business or charity in need, you will also be able to acquire new skills, expand your network and be a part of the change! Some of the many skills you would develop and enhance when you mentor a boostee include leadership, collaboration, communication and awareness of societal issues. 

What are Boost Workshops?
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Boost Workshops are weekly interactive webinars for organisations on a relevant digital skill led by one of our digital experts to help our organisations achieve their learning goals and solve their organisational problems. The webinars are limited in the number of organisations who can attend.

How do I host a Boost Workshop?
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If you would like to host a Boost Workshop, please email Workshops are 60min long starting with a 30min presentation by the digital expert and followed by 30min Q&A with the audience. In the email please include the subject topic you would like to present on and why you think this would be valuable to our organisations. Further include a presentation deck that you would like to present. The deck should be long enough for a 30 min verbal presentation. Once Digital Boost confirms that the subject is well suited for our audience, we will go ahead and plan the date and time for the Boost Workshop with you via email.

Can I join a Boost Workshop as a volunteer?
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Boost Workshops are a learning service to help our organisations solve their organisational problems. Unless you are hosting the Boost Workshop you can unfortunately not attend as a volunteer.

How do I delete my Digital Boost account?
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We are sorry to see you leave us! You can delete your account and all related data at the bottom of your account preference page. All your data will be deleted according to GDPR regulations.

What do I need to know throughout my journey at Digital Boost as a digital expert?
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We recommend to all of our volunteering digital experts to read the following guides before starting to mentor: 1-to-1 Mentoring Call Guide and Boost Workshops Guide.