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Georgia Ventiroso, Sue Lambert Trust

Georgia is an Administrative Assistant at the Sue Lambert Trust, which has supported survivors of domestic abuse in Norfolk for over thirty years. 

They offer long-term counselling services, but with high demand due to Covid-19 waiting times are long. With no safe place to go for community support and to seek information, survivors are having to dig deep to find resilience, strength, and healing. 

The charity had no online presence at the start of the Pandemic. With resources tight, Georgia took it upon herself to acquire the knowledge to build a social media and digital marketing presence, in addition to her current role. She also took a course in counselling, aware of how triggering certain words can be.   

Georgia discovered Digital Boost via a Google Digital Garage learning session, and it was a Google employee who mentored her when she set up her session. 

She focused on analytics and how to build a plan for reporting, different types of reporting and what information is important to people. She plans future sessions so she can branch into design and connect the charity’s website with email and social media. 

Georgia said: “I don’t have any digital experience but am loving creating the digital content. There are so many skills to absorb – design, storytelling, copywriting, analytics - so I will be back to Digital Boost for more. 

“I want to create posts about the impacts of trauma on people, share the voices of survivors and give them a safe place online until we can open up and do that in person.” 

Amanda Mann, Mann's Cookies

Amanda wanted to help her friend who runs a local A&E department with some tasty team treats during their long shifts and ended up starting a cookie business with her fourteen-year-old niece in 2020. 

Her children helped build her website and keep her customers engaged with blogs and fun social-media posts. Amanda can’t contain her excitement as she processes orders and heads to the kitchen at 7am each morning.    

Her fun-cookie boxes are lovingly created for every occasion and include vegan, gluten-free and even a rude option! Additive-free, they are delivered through letter-boxes nationwide. 

However, as a first-time business owner, Amanda needed more serious advice on how to build her online presence, manage customer experience and grow collaborations with businesses selling products as diverse as coffee, umbrellas, and sponges. So, she reached out to Digital Boost when she saw a post on Instagram.

They jumped in to help her with advice on SEO and managing partnerships, so she could handle the success of her growing business and take things to the next level. 

Amanda said: “Mine is a COVID-19 business. I couldn’t imagine I would have so much fun and meet such amazing people. 

“But I don’t have business experience so am grateful I found Digital Boost. They were brilliant on their mentoring calls. They are helping me get to grips with the mechanics of things, how to deliver great customer service and keeping up my social media presence.”

Rachel Conlisk, Creative Active Lives

She went on to found a Community Interest Company, working with occupational therapists and experts in creative arts and physical activities, to create inclusive, accessible workshops and events. She has since taught thousands of people, specialising in care homes and people who have disabilities or dementia . 

But the arrival of Covid-19 was devastating for her business. 

With home-schooling her priority, Rachel was forced to put things on hold. But she needed to pay the bills and wanted to support the communities she worked with. She developed online workshops and activity kits for STEM activities, beading, pottery-making and a sensory fidget box for children with autism and ADHD. She applied for grant-funding to set up a website and was successful.  

She wanted to create an online marketplace to support other small businesses and promote gifts that were things to do, make, create and experience - activity kits, subscription boxes, experiences, with a focus on sustainable, ethical gifting. But how to create something that was a brilliant user experience? That’s when she spotted Digital Boost on her LEP website and got in touch to set up a mentoring session.  

Rachel connected with a mentor at Google, a specialist in website development. He helped her navigate her way through the digital tools available, like Audience Finder and Reach Planner. She discovered she could explore potential customers and how to reach them by understanding, for example, their search behaviour for kids’ activities. 

Rachel said: “I feel I’m winging it, but I’ve had amazing help. The mentor at Digital Boost helped me short-cut to finding my audience and making my brand visible online.